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The trainings range in length from 1.5 hours to 6 hours and can be provided over the course of one day or several days.  These can be delivered in your home, at our clinics, or via telehealth. Coming soon is our parent training portal for on-demand training.

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Training Topics

What is an Autism Spectrum Disorder?

A life-long, neurological disorder that is characterized by deficits in social skills and communication as well as excesses in the form of stereotypy and challenging behavior.

ABA: An Overview

ABA is a scientifically-based process that involves applying the principles of behavior to develop interventions that help individuals learn new skills and decrease challenging behavior.

ABA: Comprehensive Training

ABA can provide comprehensive training for parents and caretakers using positive reinforcement.

ABA: Focused Trainings on Specific Topics

ABA can provide focused training for parents and caretakers on specific topics such as potty training and social development.

What is a Functional Behavioral Assessment?

A functional behavior assessment or FBA involves a behavior specialist gathering information and data on the environment and target behaviors in order to determine why behaviors are or are not happening and develop a behavior intervention plan based on that information.

Behavior 101

The principles of Applied Behavior Analysis can be taught to parents and caretakers.

Behavioral Observations

Direct observations of target behaviors involve observing a client for a period of time in several different environments and recording detailed information on what happens before, during, and after the target behavior(s).

Reinforcement versus Punishment

Reinforcement is the process by which behavior increases over time as a result of the presentation or removal of a stimulus following that behavior.

Punishment is the process by which behavior decreases over time as a result of the presentation or removal of a stimulus following that behavior.

Data Collection

Data collection involves a number of different techniques and strategies to record information on behavior. This helps us to make data-based decisions regarding our treatment plans and recommendations.

Discrete Trial Training, Natural Environment Training, and Pivotal Response Training

DTT is a systematic approach to teaching that involves presenting specific stimuli and reinforcing specific responses. This helps us to establish stimulus control and provide many opportunities for practice and repetition of a skill.

NET involves teaching skills using an ABC model of behavior during natural routines and activities. Technicians capture and contrive opportunities to teach specific skills or behaviors.

How to successfully include children on the Autism Spectrum

Successful inclusion for children with ASD can involve a number of different accommodations and supports. It’s important to assess individual client needs and work together as a team.

How to write IEP goals and objectives

IEP goals and objectives to be objective, observable, and measurable.

How to teach Social Skills

Social skills can be taught using Skills Streaming or BST models of learning. These methods involve first providing clear instructions, then modeling the behavior, role-playing the situation, and then generalizing the skill to naturally occurring opportunities.

And many more topics available based on your needs . . .

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