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Autism Behavior Services, Inc. is proud to offer 1:1 Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA therapy) at home, school, in the community, online via telehealth, and at our clinic in the robust County of Los Angeles.

The programs we offer can be designed to help children with Autism for such behaviors as elopement, communication, social skills and more!

Centrally located in the nation’s film and television industry, Los Angeles is also a mecca for sports, shopping, food, museums, music, and just about anything else you can think of. Autism Behavior Services seeks to incorporate everything Los Angeles has to offer, as we assist your family on your journey. Support services are offered for individuals with autism as well as for their families through parent training.

At ABSI, we are committed to helping children with Autism. This is why we provide ABA for toddlers all the way through adulthood. We believe a consistent and specialized therapy plan is key to developing and reinforcing nurturing, positive, functional social skills in the home, school and community settings. Our certified Behavior Technicians will work with you to develop a therapy program specifically designed for your child and your family. It is our goal that what families and their children learn from us, will be the bedrock for a lifetime of learning that they continue to build upon.

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In our continued high quality pledge to help children with Autism, we believe in the highest level of training for our therapists. All Behavior Technicians in California at ABSI receive their certification in CPR and as an Applied Behavior Analysis Technician (ABAT) to ensure safety and premier therapy for your child with Autism. ABSI is in network with most major insurances including L.A. Care, Blue Shield Promise, Molina, and Managed Health Network (MHN).


Elopement Autism Therapy Center

We know that children these days already have packed schedules, so we offer a variety of settings for our ABA therapy sessions. While many parents and children prefer the routine and structure of visiting an autism therapy center, others have seen great improvement in their child’s progress through the inclusion of ABA sessions at home, online or at school, in addition to those at an autism care center. One of the main benefits of incorporating variety into your child’s sessions is the ability to focus on real-world situations. Some interfering behaviors, such as elopement, may not be as prominent or obvious in a setting where a child feels safe. By holding therapy sessions in different environments around different stimuli, your child’s behavior interventionist will be able to uncover the reasons they may be exhibiting these behaviors and come up with a plan to manage them. In the case of behaviors that pose a risk to their safety, such as elopement, autism therapists will come up with a plan that not only reduces the instances of this behavior, but also prepares you and your child’s support team at school and in the community so they can better help them work through these types of challenges.


In addition to uncovering and managing interfering behaviors in real time, having ABA sessions in different settings allows children to learn and apply social skills and self-reliance in their everyday environment. This can include domestic skills such as cleaning, food preparation, dressing and grooming; social interactions such as conversation, sharing, turn taking and emotion regulation; and intellectual skills such as doing homework, problem-solving, or asking questions. At ABSI, Inc. we know that children with autism learn in many different ways, so we make ourselves available wherever we are needed to give them the support they deserve.


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