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Who we are:

Autism Behavior Services Inc. (ABSI) in Monterey County, California is dedicated to helping children on the autism spectrum and their families. ABSI seeks to hire highly engaged individuals and offers a wide range of growth opportunities in our behavior technician and behavior specialist positions. We provide comprehensive behavior technician training for new team members.

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Behavior Technicians at ABSI

ABSI Family

At ABSI we train our team at a professional and competitive level that produces amazing results while learning to master all the necessary areas to provide a service of excellence. We create teams dedicated to the service of our children and we try to transmit the best of us in the rewarding work we do.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build trust, rapport and a love for learning. Giving students a solid foundation to continue growing and developing. Our team is dedicated to helping each child discover their unique potential – adaptively, cognitively, socially, and behaviorally.

Meaningful Work

We provide a variety of services to support individuals with disabilities to address life’s challenges and achieve personal goals. Utilizing education, outreach, and support so that individuals living with autism can live, learn, work, and play in today’s society.

We Believe in Dream Jobs

“ABSI gave me excellent support to become ABAT certified in Monterey. Every step of the way I felt as I was ascending the building blocks of what will be a successful career helping people. I feel quite confident in my ability to engage, inspire, and make a difference in the lives of the community at large.”

In our effort to provide premier care for all our clients we serve, ABSI provides:

40 hours paid training in alignment with ABAT (Applied Behavior Analysis Technician)/RBT (Registered Behavior Technician) Board Requirements

After successfully completing the 40 hours of paid training, candidates will receive a certificate of completion from The Behavior University (TBU) that fulfills the ABAT/RBT training requirements.

ABSI ABA Careers

Autism Behavior Services Inc. provides evidence based, state-of-the-art behavioral, treatment, and consultation services in Monterey, California. ABSI provides education, outreach, and support so that individuals living with Autism can live, learn, work, play, and be active members of their communities. We utilize Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to teach individuals on the Autism Spectrum. Our jobs providing ABA therapy are designed for team member growth. 

The ABSI team receives paid training and certification, competitive wages, flexible schedules, and weekend hours. ABSI offers ABA jobs that come with competitive salaries and great benefits. We have a range of exciting jobs in ABA therapy here at ABSI! Our team is passionate about helping children reach their full potential.

ABA positions

ABA Behavior Technician

Do you enjoy mentoring others?
Is helping/coaching people something you feel is a calling? As an ABA behavior technician, you will work directly with clients and their
families to implement behavioral programs designed by your supervisor and clinical team. This job is ever-changing; one day you might find yourself doing a “new foods” program in the client’s kitchen, and the next session could have you out in the community working on being patient with the client as they take turns in the park. During sessions, behavior technicians take data on client programs. This data is reviewed by their supervisors and clinical team, and changes are made to the client’s behavioral plan as they progress. The goal is to help the client be as independent and integrated into their community as possible.

Behavior Specialist Job

The position of a Behavior Specialist will provide direct clinical and supervisory support to clients and Behavior Technicians in Monterey, Califronia. This position will be a leader and mentor to Behavior Technicians by leading by example, inspiring them to perform at maximum potential, and strive to achieve clinical goals.

Behavior Analyst Job

The Behavior Analyst will provide support to individuals and their families by coordinating and providing services in Applied Behavior Analysis, function analysis, assessment, behavior acquisition and reduction and adaptive life skills. The position of a Behavior Analyst will provide direct clinical and supervisory support to clients, Behavior Technicians, and Assistant Behavior Analyst positions. This position will be a leader and mentor by leading by example, inspiring team members and clients to reach their maximum potential, and strive to achieve all clinical goals.