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Autism Behavior Services, Inc. (ABSI) is proud to offer services to clients in Salt Lake City as well as the surrounding areas. ABSI provides 1:1 Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA therapy) in the home, school, the community, as well as online via Telehealth for individuals and families. ABSI follows a “person first” approach when working with our clients. To do this, we get to know your family through a series of thorough assessments. Once we know the goals and needs of your family, our clinical team will put together a comprehensive ABA program. This program will focus on such areas as elopement, communication, and social skills, in an effort to access 100% of a person’s potential. However, programs also will focus on many other areas that a person might need assistance with.

Why choose
Autism Behavior Services, Inc.?

In 2010 Dr. Rosa Patterson, Psy.D, BCBA, LBA, QBA founded Autism Behavior Services, Inc. Her vision was that the company would be a resource for as many people as possible. 

Dr. Patterson wanted to take her exuberance for helping people who are neurodiverse, and merge it with a mandate to provide underserved communities with necessary services. After partnering with like-minded clinicians, they set about creating therapy programs that would take a whole person approach to the diverse communities ABSI serves. To that end, ABSI looked for other team members (and families) that would also see the company as an ever evolving resource for growth and education.

In ABSI’s commitment to provide premier care, all of our Behavior Technicians are certified in CPR, and as an Applied Behavior Analysis Technician (ABAT) or Registered Behavior Technician (RBT), before they are placed with any families. ABSI’s “person first” approach is further bolstered in the way your family understands how our therapy programs benefit them.

Our behavior technicians are certified in CPR as well as ABAT or RBT.



"I just wanted to express my thanks to all of you. Our experience with Autism Behavior Services Inc has been a FANTASTIC one! Your Nor Cal team rocks and we appreciate each of the providers. Your team is trained, professional, on time, supportive and caring! All the things one would expect but rarely find in the current ABA climate. Your company is doing things right and my kiddo is making progress because of it."

Lindsey B

"I have been working with this company for over three years and have been more than happy with them.I have two boys with ASD and Rosa Patterson and her team of amazing supervisors and BI’s have made a huge impact on both of their lives. I have endless amounts of positive things to say about this company. I have had experience with other companies as well as many friends who work with other companies and nothing compares to the individual attention they give the children here."

Alejandra C

"Fantastic staff, outstanding knowledge and care for special needs individuals. Helped my son after years of trying to get the school district to acknowledge my son’s special needs by attending his IEP and advocating for him. ABS at home and social skills group at their office has helped our family tremendously."


"The staff at ABSI really goes the extra mile with my child. They are very attentive to their needs and, frankly, the needs of my whole family."

Mary B

"This company has helped my son grow! Thank you for your continued services and all the hard work you do."


"“ABSI took a genuine interest in the whole picture of who my child is. They created therapy programs for the long term.”"

Autism Behavior Services, Inc. offers ABA therapy across the city of Salt Lake City and surrounding areas such as Bountiful, Cottonwood Heights, Draper, and more. ABSI creates ABA programs that are both functional and engaging. 

At ABSI we hope that that engagement will allow your loved ones to see how their therapy programs benefit their lives. To provide even more support and consistency, ABSI offers individuals and our families parent training so that programs can continue to be supported in various settings.

Autism Behavior Services, Inc. offers ABA for toddlers (age 2) all the way through adulthood. Once your family’s needs and goals have been copiously assessed, and with Dr. Patterson’s “person first” mandate for care at the forefront, ABSI will create a unique set of programs for your loved one that is backed up by evidence based practices.

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ABSI is in-network with Cigna, United Healthcare and most major insurance companies.

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ABSI Intake Process

Watch the following video to learn about our intake process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the form of Behavioral Therapy that ABSI provides for Autism. Each therapy program is tailored to the client. The ultimate goal of this therapy is that the client will be able to generalize what they’ve learned across multiple environments. ABA is a way to manage behaviors so that people can engage more positively in their environments, while managing the challenging behaviors that might create issues for them. For many ABA Therapy can be profound and life-changing.

Once your child receives a diagnosis they can access ABA services by receiving a referral from their doctor. The next step is to request a list of providers from your health plan and always check to see if Autism Behavior Services is available. When checking for ABA services, have a list of questions to ask each provider with questions such as: Are all of your behavior technicians and autism specialists certified? You can check on the public registry to ensure that the individuals treating your child are certified. Should you have further questions please reach out to ABSI via our website or call 1(855) 581-0100.

Early intervention with ABA therapy is considered to be crucial to a person’s overall growth. When people are young so much about who they are is still being formed. They haven’t yet developed challenging behaviors that have been in place for a number of years. By starting therapy as soon as possible, a person will generally be more malleable to the various therapy techniques that ABA employs. While a rise in certain behaviors may start (this is known as a spike), over time people and families see the benefit of intervening early. This process often starts with an intense therapy schedule, however, as people acquire more skills the therapy eventually scales back.

An Autism Behavior Specialist is someone who works with people on the Autism Spectrum. An individual that specializes in care of autism should be certified or licensed in ABA with a specialization in autism. The certifications a behavioral specialist should hold are one of the following: BCBA, BCaBA, QBA, or QASP S. The certified practitioner puts together a series of programs that allow the person to manage their challenging behaviors and gain new skills so that they can be as functional as possible in their communities.

Just as every need is different, so is every provider of ABA services. Some questions to ask are what is your company’s philosophy on Autism? What are some assessments you conduct to determine what my child needs? What kind of training does your staff have? Do your Autism Specialists also work with my child’s school and other service providers? Does your company use evidence based practices? There are many questions to answer when interviewing potential service providers. When you can align your needs with what a provider offers that will create an environment with the best outcomes for everyone.

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