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Behavior Technician - Paid Training ABAT RBT

🕚 Part-Time Morning/Afternoon/Evenings shifts available M-F, MWF, or TTHSat

💳 Starting rate: $18.25/h (More info)

40 hours paid training in alignment with ABAT (Applied Behavior Analysis Technician)/RBT (Registered Behavior Technician) Board Requirements.

▶ After successfully completing the 40 hours of paid training, candidates will receive a certificate of completion from The Behavior University (TBU) that fulfills the ABAT/RBT training requirements.

🌟 In addition to that candidates will complete fieldwork toward their certification requirements:

▶ The 40 hours of paid training fulfills the requirement for the candidate to sit for the RBT/ABAT Exams. The certification exam is paid for by ABSI. (note - this is for the first attempt)

▶ Overlap with team members providing hands-on experience to ensure success after getting certified as an ABAT or RBT.

Urgently Hiring

Who we are:

Autism Behavior Services, Inc. (ABSI) in Albuquerque, New Mexico is looking to employ enthusiastic team members in the role of a behavior technician. Founded in 2010, ABSI is looking for engaged people who have a passion for helping others that are neurodiverse. 

The goal of our dynamic company is to make our clients successful as we guide them towards building relationships in the communities they live in. ABSI offers premier training and growth opportunities for all behavior technicians and staff in an effort to make them as successful as possible in the field.

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Behavior Technicians at ABSI

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ABSI Family

At ABSI, we train our team at a professional and competitive level that yields incredible results while teaching them to master all the skills required to deliver an excellent service. We form teams that are solely focused on serving our children, and we strive to give our all to the fulfilling work we do.
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Our Mission

Our mission is to build trust, rapport and a love for learning. providing students with a strong foundation so they can continue developing and growing. Our team is committed to assisting every child in realizing their unique potential on the adaptive, cognitive, social, and behavioral levels.
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Meaningful Work

We offer a range of services to assist people with disabilities in overcoming challenges and achieving personal goals. Utilizing outreach, education, and support to empower people with autism to live, learn, work, and play in today’s society.

In our effort to provide premier care for all our clients we serve, ABSI provides:

40 hours paid training in alignment with ABAT (Applied Behavior Analysis Technician)/RBT (Registered Behavior Technician) Board Requirements

After successfully completing the 40 hours of paid training, candidates will receive a certificate of completion from The Behavior University (TBU) that fulfills the ABAT/RBT training requirements.

ABSI offers consistent support and outreach from supervisorial team and other Behavior Technicians so they are prepared every day for the rewarding and empowering work that they do.


ABSI supported me every step of the way as I moved toward ABAT certification! As someone who has a family member with autism, I take being in this field very personally. I feel that I have been able to impart what I’ve learned to my family, and I look forward to taking my knowledge and skillset to the next level in the great state of New Mexico. ”

Reflections of a behavior technician

“My favorite part of the training was overlapping. Getting out into the field or at least seeing what field work was like (vs. the behavior technician job description). I really enjoyed immediately getting to see the personalities of our clients, and all of what we do. How a session is run as well as getting to see firsthand, through modeling from our own Behavior Technicians, how our training is brought into the field.” View the blog here.


Paid Training – 40+ hours paid at the state or local municipality minimum wage
Travel time, continuing education trainings, and all other non clinical work – paid at the state or local municipality minimum wage
Mileage Pay – $0.55 per applicable mile
Clinical care – providing ABA treatment to the client – starting at $18.25 per hour

Behavior Technicians work with clients and their families on targeted areas of need in a client’s life. These areas can range (depending on the age) from toilet training, social skills, word sounds, hygiene, and more.

All ABSI team members are certified as behavior technicians. ABSI will help you, step-by-step, in that process. We also require a valid driver’s license and the ability to lift 50 lbs. What else, you may ask. As an ABA behavior technician, you should also be extremely passionate about seeing others succeed.

The major benefit of becoming a Behavior Technician is that it is a great way to gain an overview of the field of Applied Behavior Analysis. It is a springboard that will help you target where you want to go in your career.
There are many factors that help people excel as a behavior technician. Aside from passion and a genuine desire to help people, some other intangible qualities include reliability, being a team player, having a positive attitude, and having the ability to build relationships with clients and their families.
Yes! Becoming a behavior technician is a great first step in a career of working with people who are neurodiverse. Just a few of the careers people can embark on are teachers, doctors, Board Certified Behavior Analysts, psychologists, occupational therapists and more.

A Behavior Technician can find themselves in a multitude of environments with their clients. One session might see you at home working on skills like pretend play. Another session could see you supporting a client at school. The next session could place you in a social skills group assisting the person you’re working with. Some sessions take place in the community and work on tolerating new environments. The goals of a client are ever changing and thus is the job of a Behavior Interventionist.

ABSI does their best to match their clients personality with that of the client’s they serve. The goal is to match both client and the Behavior Technician in a way that is mutually beneficial to both parties; building rapport between a Behavior Technician and client is key. This is why the lines of communication are always open between Behavior Technicians and their supervisors so that the best “fits” can be made for everyone.

Jobs in ABA therapy fit people who are curious, compassionate, caring, and want to help others. People in ABA jobs come from all different walks of life and career fields. Just as the people you work with are diverse, the diversity YOU bring to the job will help in the work you do with clients.

Join our team today and start making a difference in the lives of others!