How to access care for autism at Fort Irwin Army Base

When looking for a service provider at the Fort Irwin Army Base, accessibility, reliability, and belief in an ABA service provider are key.

What are ABA services?

ABA stands for Applied Behavior Analysis. The services they provide help people on the autism spectrum deal with challenging behaviors, have their sensory needs met, build communication skills and much more. Access to services should begin as soon as possible after a diagnosis of autism is given.

When a family first gets the diagnosis that a loved one has autism they are going to have many questions. The people they allow into their lives are going to be people they feel they can trust. You will first receive a referral from your doctor or pediatrician. Health Net Federal Services manages the ABA benefit for Tricare on the West Coast and can provide a list of providers. Friends who are knowledgeable about service providers are also extremely helpful and comforting. This will help build trust as the people offering the referral know the client and their family.

Once the diagnosis has been received it is good for people to know that they are not alone. There are many great autism support groups that also double as excellent providers of resources to families. Join a group that most aligns with your family and values. From there start talking to people about service providers they have worked with. Again, this is an excellent way to get information and to be made comfortable by people who are experiencing what you’re experiencing.
Once you have some numbers, start calling the prospective service providers. Find out if they have staff that works in the home, school, clinic, and the community. Ask about their programs, their staff’s experience, and social skills opportunities. Their answers will give you an idea of their company’s culture and values. This will let you know if they are able to provide the services you seek, or if you need to keep searching. If you are transferring to Fort Irwin, reach out to Health Net Federal Services and local ABA providers to coordinate your care. It is very important to take steps to plan ahead of a base transfer.

Should you need assistance in this process please contact Autism Behavior Services, Inc. via our website or call 1(855) 581-0100.

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