5 Easy Reminders of How to Have Gentle Hands with Dogs

Dog Lovers are a special breed of people. We call dogs “man’s best friend” but we humans do everything to try and be the best owners we can be. However, sometimes, we get so excited in how we show our four legged friends that we love them, we might actually not be as gentle with them as we should be. Here’s a few reminders to show our dog’s how much we love them, but also being respectful of them at the same time.
When handling your dog, if it is yelping, barking, growling, or trying to bite you, it probably means that you’re not being as gentle with your dog as you should be. Listen to those sounds and make every effort to calm down in your efforts to handle your dog. Your pet knows you love them, but when you’re overly aggressive with your hands that can confuse them. This is why, even though they love you, they might growl, bark, and even try to bite you.
Sometimes we think our dogs want to go on walks and they don’t. For some reason, we put the leash around their neck and force the issue. When you’re pulling on the leash and the dog doesn’t move, that’s a pretty clear sign that they don’t want to go for a walk. This is something that you should respect, as we all have moments where we don’t want to do something. The last thing you want is someone aggressively forcing you to do it. If going to the bathroom is the reason for the walk, perhaps you can pick the dog up and put it in a confined outdoor environment. This will allow you to let the dog do its business, but not make a mess at the same time.
Similar to the idea of “Noting Your Dog’s Body Language”, keep an eye on your pet as you handle them. One of the funnest things we can do is play with our animals. Oftentimes, this is a great way to bond and give our furry friends attention. Remember, even our dogs get tired and we need to recognize when that is happening as our dog may not. When their energy drops and their breathing starts to get heavy, that’s an indication that you’re going to want to stop dangling a chew toy (or whatever game you are playing) in front of them. Give your dog adequate time to rest, and build up its energy, before you start playing with it again. Everyone gets tired. When we interact with our animals, if we think about how we feel and how we like to be treated, then we can make sure that we’re being gentle with the creatures we love.
When walking your pet make sure your leash is long enough. You don’t want it to be pulling on your dog’s neck as they walk. This will allow them to stop and explore grass, flowers, and possibly other dogs without potentially constricting their airflow in the process. Also, having gentle hands isn’t just for when you’re playing or petting your dog. It’s having gentle hands in everything we do with them. As an aside, if your dog is sniffing grass they might need to go number one or two. Make sure to bring some bags to clean up after your pet when they go to the bathroom. You love your dog, but you don’t want to assume that everybody else does, too. Lastly, a longer, comfortable leash will allow you to give your dog some privacy when they are doing their “business”.
This might seem like a no-brainer but it’s also very important. When you take your dog out, there’s a good chance that it’s going to “mingle” with other animals. You know that your dog is friendly, but don’t assume that other people know this, too. When walking a dog it’s best not to take it up to other dogs without asking the owner first. Dogs like to sniff other dogs, it’s part of how they communicate, but always make sure their owner is “ok” with it. Also, if you’re going to pet somebody else’s dog, get permission first. Their dog may get nervous around strangers and it’s good to know that before you do it. Also, if your dog is the type that gets jealous when you give other animals attention, this is also something to keep in mind. We all love our pets. However, owning a pet isn’t fun and games all the time. Taking care of an animal is a big responsibility. Just like we need food, water, grooming, and doctor visits, our pets need the same thing. Having gentle hands in everything we do with them will make your dog happier, and all of this will go a long way toward our pets having a long and healthy life.

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