4 Simple Ways for Young People to Tell Who is A Friend and Who is a Bully?

Having friends is one of, if not the, greatest joys we can have in our lives. Through shared experiences, deep talks, and fun times, we create memories that last a lifetime. However, not all friendships are the same and it’s important for people young and old to distinguish between who is a friend and who is a bully.
In our lives we all have friends. Sometimes we also have bullies. Most of the time we know the difference between who is a friend and who is a bully. Sometimes though, our friends can be bullies. It is important to know when this is happening so we can make sure to let them know that we don’t like when they act that way. When you advocate for yourself you make it very clear what your boundaries are. We should also let an adult or trusted peer know if somebody is making us feel uncomfortable. This way, we can help stop bad situations from happening as soon as they start. Simply put… a friend is somebody who makes you feel good with their words. A bully is someone who doesn’t make you feel good when they talk to you.
A friend is somebody who cares about you and wants good things for you. A bully is somebody who doesn’t want good things for you. In fact they are happy when bad things happen to you, or if they can make bad things happen to you. A friend is somebody who asks you to do things. They include you with a group of people. A bully is someone who doesn’t include you. They make it a point to not invite you to do things and, even worse, they make sure you know that you’re not invited. A friend is someone that, if they get upset, talks to you about how they feel. A bully is somebody who yells at you or, even worse, tries to hit or hurt you. A person that does that is NOT your friend and you should tell an adult or trusted peer immediately.
Sometimes we have friends that act like bullies. Maybe they get upset and they yell at us? Sometimes, and this is rare, they might even physically fight with us. If this is happening a lot, or you don’t feel comfortable around someone because of their behavior toward you, that friend might fall into the category of being a bully. Should this happen it’s a good idea to stay away from this person. Now, if they apologize, or this behavior from them never happens or is very rare, then it’s okay for them to still be looked at as a friend. Know this, your friends should make you feel comfortable and being friends with them shouldn’t be an added source of anxiety for you or your family.
Knowing who is a friend and who is a bully is very important. If you have a friend who starts acting like a bully, make it very clear that you don’t like that. If the behavior continues it is probably time to end the friendship. Always remember that you can (and should) tell an adult when you are being bullied; especially if things are getting physical. In your life, the sooner you are able to tell the difference between a friend and a bully, the closer you’ll be to having a life with people in it that makes things enriching, fulfilling and rewarding.

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