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Who we are:

Autism Behavior Services Inc. (ABSI) in Riverside, California is dedicated to helping children on the autism spectrum and their families. ABSI seeks to hire highly engaged individuals and offers a wide range of growth opportunities in our behavior technician and behavior specialist positions. We provide comprehensive behavior technician training for new team members.

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Behavior Technicians at ABSI

ABSI Family

At ABSI we train our team at a professional and competitive level that produces amazing results while learning to master all the necessary areas to provide a service of excellence. We create teams dedicated to the service of our children and we try to transmit the best of us in the rewarding work we do.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build trust, rapport and a love for learning. Giving students a solid foundation to continue growing and developing. Our team is dedicated to helping each child discover their unique potential – adaptively, cognitively, socially, and behaviorally.

Meaningful Work

We provide a variety of services to support individuals with disabilities to address life’s challenges and achieve personal goals. Utilizing education, outreach, and support so that individuals living with autism can live, learn, work, and play in today’s society.

We Believe in Dream Jobs

“I am in the child development field and I decided to change my job path to something that would benefit me in my career as well. So becoming a Behavior Technician in Riverside was a good option for me. When I saw this I decided to apply and it has really helped me with my career as well. My favorite part of the training was how easy it was to do. It was easy to navigate, we had different modules, and those were easy to get through. We also had supervisors that would help us along the way as well.”
“Some of my best moments are the accomplishments the children have. Just seeing them accomplish things throughout the sessions we have together. From things that people might see as small accomplishments, Behavior Technicians see them as huge and beneficial to the child. It's been nice to see how far these children have gone, from the time we started, until now. One of my clients really disliked going to the restroom. It took us months to even step inside the restroom. So we worked our way from walking inside and tolerating standing, to then being able to tolerate sitting, and now the client walks into the restroom, sits down on the toilet and washes their hands after. Just seeing the smile on their mom’s face while we’re doing that routine, it’s something special for me to be able to be a part of.”
Patience is key to being successful as a Behavior Technician. You never know, every session is different, you don’t know coming into your sessions how your child is going to be. Somedays are harder than others but, having the patience to be with the child, and work through the problems they might have throughout the day is very important. I try to have a very nurturing nature so that also helps with the clients. I sympathize with them when they’re having tantrums, it’s going to happen. Giving the client the patience they deserve to work through their problems and have a great session is, I think, the most beneficial thing I can give to the child.”
New Behavior Technicians should ask questions. Ask your supervisors questions no matter how big or small it is. You never know if that’s going to help you incorporate that into your session every time you meet the child. Also, you work with different supervisors so you get different opinions. Those are just multiple things that can help you with your clients.”

In our effort to provide premier care for all our clients we serve, ABSI provides:

40 hours paid training in alignment with ABAT (Applied Behavior Analysis Technician)/RBT (Registered Behavior Technician) Board Requirements

After successfully completing the 40 hours of paid training, candidates will receive a certificate of completion from The Behavior University (TBU) that fulfills the ABAT/RBT training requirements.


Paid Training – 40+ hours paid at the state or local municipality minimum wage
Travel time, continuing education trainings, and all other non clinical work – paid at the state or local municipality minimum wage
Mileage Pay – $0.55 per applicable mile
Clinical care – providing ABA treatment to the client – starting at $19 per hour

All ABSI team members are certified as behavior technicians. ABSI will help you, step-by-step, in that process. We also require a valid driver’s license and the ability to lift 50 lbs. What else, you may ask. As an ABA behavior technician, you should also be extremely passionate about seeing others succeed.

Jobs in ABA therapy fit people who are curious, compassionate, caring, and want to help others. People in ABA jobs come from all different walks of life and career fields. Just as the people you work with are diverse, the diversity YOU bring to the job will help in the work you do with clients.

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