4 Reasons to consider a career at Autism Behavior Services, Inc.

If you’re looking for a career that’s rewarding, stimulating, and geared towards personal growth, a career with Autism Behavior Services, Inc. (ABSI) is for you.

What is Autism Behavior Services, Inc.?

Autism Behavior Services, Inc. is a multi-faceted service provider that offers Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA therapy) at home, school, in the community, and online via Telehealth to our clients. The company’s focus is to ensure each client’s success through their individualized program.
Whether you are working with clients in a clinical setting, scheduling Behavior Technicians for their sessions, working in a supervisory capacity, handling HR duties, or any of the other positions the company offers, ABSI is a rewarding place to work. With a “client first” culture that seeks to improve the lives of others, everybody benefits from orbiting around the company’s mission.
No two days at ABSI are the same. There are many varied situations that a Behavior Technician will face in the field. The same can be said of the supervisors who oversee them. This aspect of working at ABSI also applies to all the jobs that are not clinical in nature as well.
If you’re working as a Behavior Technician there’s continuing educational opportunities that will aid you in taking on a supervisory role if you so choose. As a supervisor, there are continuing education courses that ABSI assists you in completing. Again, continuing education is so valued at Autism Behavior Services, that these opportunities are made available to all employees regardless of whether their position is clinical or not.
No matter what city you are working in, no matter how far away team members might be from one another geographically, there is a continued sense that everyone is part of the same mission. There are retreats nationally throughout the year for all employees, and everyone is consistently reminded of the importance of their job, and the valuable service they provide for the company.

Who we are

Autism Behavior Services Inc. (ABSI) is dedicated to helping children on the Autism Spectrum and their families. ABSI seeks to hire highly engaged individuals and offers a wide range of growth opportunities in our behavior specialist jobs. We provide a variety of services to support neurodiverse individuals to address life’s challenges and achieve personal goals.


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