Miguel Zamudio has been working with children with special needs who range in age from 2-24 since 1995. Miguel is experienced with ABA, PECS, and DTT. In addition, he has utilized the Proloquo 2 Go program for the IPad in his work with children who are nonverbal or who have limited language and communication skills. Since 2008, Miguel has committed himself to focusing his work on children with Autism, specifically those who display high frequency and severe maladaptive behaviors.

As a behavior interventionist, Miguel has worked for two different school districts and he is certificated under No child Left Behind. He is also certified and trained in B.A.S.I.C. and Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI). Miguel has worked across environments (in-home, in-school, and in the community). His work has also included riding on school and public busses with children who demonstrate challenging behaviors. Miguel loves working with children and he is a dedicated, professional, respectful, caring, and passionate behavior interventionist.

Miguel enjoys being with his wife and kids during his time off.