Briana has always had a passion for working with children from a young age. She worked in an afterschool program for elementary school aged children before beginning her work with children on the autism spectrum in 2006. Briana has worked as a para-educator in an autism focus classroom as a one to one and a classroom aide. This position confirmed for her that it would be her life profession to work with children on the autism spectrum.

Briana received her Bachelors of Science in Child and Adolescent Development degree from California State University, Fullerton. She studied a range of ages from infants through adulthood which advanced her knowledge in helping children with Autism. She also participated in a number of special education developmental courses which focused on rationale intervention, program models and teaching techniques for both verbal and non-verbal children. She has successfully completed coursework titled Adolescents and Adults with Autism: Evidence-based Practice, Adaptive Behavior, and Quality of Life. This course in turn has provided her with the tools needed for assisting and developing the adult group at ABSI. Briana attended Arizona State University where she obtained her Master’s in Education with an emphasis in applied behavior analysis.

Briana has training in crisis prevention intervention and has worked in both the home and clinical settings. She provides parent consultation and program supervision also. She has education and training in applied behavior analysis, discrete trial training (DTT) and picture exchange communication system (PECS).

Briana has a bubbly personality and drive to succeed which makes her a pleasure to work with. She is looking forward to working with many more families and seeing success in their lives.

Some of Briana’s leisure activities include crafting, cooking, reading and exercising.