I can’t  give Autism Behavior Services and Rosa Patterson enough stars. She was a life saver when I was at my wits end with my daughter. I was in tears daily. Autism Behavior Services was a great support system and put a plan in place very quickly.  I was with the agency for 2 years and was devastated when we moved  and had to go with another agency.  I have had experience with other agencies and that is why I can say Autism Behavior Services is the best! Rosa makes sure her staff is educated and well trained before entering your home. Other agencies DO NOT at least the ones I have dealt with.  We had 15 hours in home therapy and attended the social group once a week.  The program was flexible and ever changing to make sure my daughter was  learning coping skills in every situation. Rosa even had an attorney come into the office and had an education night for the parents on our rights for IEPs. She attended my daughter’s IEP meetings and coached me in what to demand for my daughter. This gave me confidence to face the table of school officials when fighting for my daughter’s resources in school. Rosa truly cares about the children and their progress. As one parent to another go with this agency. You will not be disappointed.